Nintendo Gift Guide 2021.

November 14, 2021 - News
Nintendo Gift Guide 2021.

With Christmas fast approaching, time is running out to find that perfect gift for the Nintendo fans in your life. Thankfully Stage-Select is here with the only Nintendo Gift Guide you’ll need.

Top 3 Nintendo gifts.

The Big Gift.
This year there really is only one big ticket item on everyone’s Nintendo wish list, and that’s the Nintendo Switch OLED Model (£309.99, €364.99, $349.99).
Unlike a traditional system revision, the new Nintendo Switch OLED offers no increase to either performance or capability in regards to the older Switch models already available on the market, however the new OLED model does notability improve image quality while gaming in hand-held mode, plus, the increased screen real estate paired with the overall build quality of the new unit truly makes the Switch OLED Model a joy to play.

A Great Gift.
If the Switch OLED proves just a little too difficult to get hold of or perhaps just a little too pricey, the Nintendo Switch Lite (£199.99, €219.99, $199.99) is a wonderful alternative which stacks up great to it’s bigger counter parts, thanks in no small part to the console being comfortably portable. The smaller form factor also makes the Switch Lite a little more durable and easier to protect, in turn making the Lite the perfect companion for anyone who wants to take their Switch wherever they go, or as a younger gamer’s very own Nintendo console. Perhaps though the best thing about the Nintendo Switch Lite as a potential gift is price, especially on the pre-owned market where, the system can be purchased for as little as £120.

A Good Gift.
If Nintendo hardware isn’t on your gift radar then the Nintendo Switch games that deserve your attention have to be Metroid Dread, Monster Hunter Rise and Mario Party Superstars.
Dread is classic Metroid action decked out in all the bells and whistles that come with a modem day game, Monster Hunter Rise is finally the Pokemon alternative we’ve been waiting for and Mario Party Superstars is just a who lot of fun. Any of the three would make a great gift this year.

Top 3 Nintendo Stocking Stuffers.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise (£22.49)
Animal Crossing fans will be over joyed to finally get the chance to redesign their villagers’ homes.

PowerA Everywhere Messenger Bag (£24.99)
Got a new Switch? Get a quality carry case.

KitSound Funk 35 True Wireless EarBuds (£31.00)
Nintendo just unlocked wireless headphone capability on the Switch, these will compliment that fact nicely.

Top 3 New Nintendo Switch Releases Worth your time.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. (£39.99, €59,99, $59.99)
Not the remake all Pokemon fans wanted but a game sure to please most trainers none the less.

Shin Megami Tensei V. (£39.99, €59,99, $59.99)
The long running JRPG series is back and looking better than ever.

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl (£39.99, €59,99, $59.99)
Not quite the Smash killer some where touting it as, but a damn fine effort regardless.

Top 3 Cut Price Nintendo Switch Games Worth your time.

Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne (£28.99)
A PS2 classic brought bang up to date.

Cotton Reboot (£29.99)
Shoot ’em up collection that won’t send your Switch flying halfway across the room in a fit of rage.

Immortals Fenyx Rising (15.99)
Like the tale of Icarus, Immortals Fenyx Rising might have flown a little to close to Breath of the Wild for it’s own good. Still, Immortals Fenyx Rising is a well made open world adventure more than worth a few hours of your time.

Something Completely Different.
mClassic. (£99.99, €110,00, $99.99)

If none of the gift ideas above quite fit what you’re after perhaps something completely out of left field will. The mClassic is a plug and play, HDMI graphics possessor that you attach to any HDMI equipped console or the Switch dock and hey presto, sharper visuals and less jagged lines.
It’s tough to picture without seeing this little wonder in action but trust me, the mClassic improves the visual experience of the Switch notably and is the kind of gift that will be both unexpected and greatly appreciated.

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