Xbox Backwards Compatibility

November 16, 2021 - News, XBox
Xbox Backwards Compatibility

One thing that seems to share wide support among game fans is backwards compatibility.

Saving your collection from gathering dust as well as getting use out of modern consoles – particularly after a slow launch ‘year’ – looks like a win-win situation for fans and companies.

Despite this, both Sony and Microsoft (the less said about Nintendo’s port everything from the Wii U the better) has been slow to let fans do just that, but as part of the recent Xbox anniversary stream, Microsoft is at least amending, if not fixing, the situation.

During the stream it was announced that more than 70 new games would be added to Xbox’s backwards compatibility list, allowing Series X/S and Xbox One fans a chance to play some of their old favourites; some of the 70 titles also having the FPS boost enhancement applied to them.

Games come from both the original Xbox and 360 libraries and include games such as:

And many others.

The bad news is this appears to be the last update to the backwards compatibility list, which is nowhere near complete and a number of titles will not be heading to the list, unfortunately.

Still, the games that have been added are certainly welcome, and hopefully Sony will soon follow suit with more backwards-compatible titles of their own.

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