Is A Dreamcast Mini On The Way?

October 10, 2020 - News
Is A Dreamcast Mini On The Way?

Since the release of the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) Mini there has been calls for Sega to get to the business of releasing a Saturn and Dreamcast Minis. The Dreamcast in particular has been in high demand, and it seems Sega is listening.

Speaking to Japanese games magazine Famitsu, Mr. Yosuke Okunari seemed to teased the prospect of a Dreamcast Mini. A translation for the interview appeared on Siliconera via ‘Ryokutya2089’.

When speaking on what he would be working on next Mr. Okunari said

‘Next, I think I’ll go with a concept similar to the Megadora Mini [Mega Drive Mini]. If I dare to name it, is it the SG1000 Mini or the Dreamcast Mini…’

An SG1000 Mini is probably never going to happen, so does that mean that we can look forward to a Dreamcast Mini in the future? It just might be so.

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