Final Fantasy Triple Release

October 18, 2020 - News, Nintendo, PlayStation
Final Fantasy Triple Release

The trio of Final Fantasy (7, 8 and 9) titles have been highly regarded by fans for years (even FF8) and so there was no shortage of excitement over the release of the three on the Nintendo Switch.

One thing that has been a little disappointing though is the lack of a physical release of the titles for collectors. Other than an Asia region only release of the Final Fantasy 7 and 8 twin-pack on the Switch, Square Enix has done nothing to remedy that problem, until now that is.

Anyone who has not bought an Asian copy of the Nintendo Switch FF7 and 8 twin-pack (the Asia version comes with English as a language so why not?) will get the chance to buy a European region release coming on the 4th of December, 2020. Releasing on the same day is a physical copy of the remastered version of FF8 from the twin-pack that will be coming to PS4. Finally, although it only has a seaon-wide release window of ‘Winter 2020’, a physical copy of FF9 is coming to Asia for Nintendo Switch, and will have English language support.

The original announcement of a Final Fantasy 9 release was hastily removed from the official Square Enix Asia account, but a fast-thinking Twitter user called FFTimeless managed to get a screen-shot of the message before it was removed.

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