Mega Man Fully Charged

October 21, 2019 - News
Mega Man Fully Charged

While perhaps not to everyone’s taste, the success of Sonic Boom has demonstrated categorically that a well-written, imaginative animated take on a gaming franchise can be a huge success.

With Sonic getting it so right Cartoon Network decided to see if lightning could strike twice & bank on none other than Mega Man to headline a new hit show. Unfortunately, Mega Man Fully Charged failed to find it’s audience on Cartoon Network, however, the show is getting a second chance via an official YouTube channel.

Strangely the channel has yet to actually upload episode 1 of Mega Man Fully Charged so you’ll have to dive in, mid-way through season 1 if you want to check out the show. Still, it’s better than staying up till 4 am in hopes Cartoon Network will show an early episode.

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