Game Boy And Game Boy Colour On Switch

September 5, 2021 - News, Nintendo
Game Boy And Game Boy Colour On Switch

A great deal of steam has built up around this rumour; that the Nintendo Switch online service will be adding Game Boy and Game Boy Colour games, as it already has with NES and SNES games.

While this is still a rumour, one that originally broke on the Nate The Hate Podcast, it’s being vouchsafed by multiple sources now that claim to have corroboration, with belief that the official announcement will be made during an (also rumoured) Nintendo event that is thought to be taking place sometime next week.

That may be an awful lot of rumour on rop of rumour, but it would be welcome news to see the excellent Game Boy and Game Boy Colour coming to the Nintendo Switch, especially around these parts where our Game Boy Log reviews hope to spread the word about how good the old pocket console really is, even today.

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