Playstation Plus Games Revealed?
The next set of games coming to the Playstation Plus service might have been revealed early by a Dealabs users called Billbill-Kun, who successfully [...]
Sony Defuses The ‘CBOMB’
It was discovered early this year that the PS4 was designed with a big flaw; that it would be useless when Sony eventually retires the Playstation 4 [...]
The Good Life Release Date Announced
The Good Life, the next game from SWERY (Deadly Premonition and Spy Fiction), has a firm release date. Coming on the 15th of October, 2021, The Good Life [...]
Gran Turismo 7 Online
The nest game in the Gran Turismo franchise, GT 7, will require an online connection to play the single-player mode, as note by an asterisked point at the [...]
Playstation 5 Showcase: What Was There?
It was the night of Sony’s Playstation showcase, and with all the rumours that popped up in the approach, did the event live up to the hype? If you want to [...]
Alan Wake Remaster Confirmed
We reported on a retail listing for an unannounced remaster for Remedy’s horror classic Alan Wake. Now the remaster has been confirmed on the fan site [...]
Alan Wake Remaster And FF7 Remake?
A remaster of the horror classic Alan Wake looks set to be releasing in October. Twitter user Wario 64 spotted the listing for a retailer that states the [...]
Sociable Soccer Sensibly Coming To Consoles & PC
The Sensible Soccer series is probably the most fun you can find when it comes to pick-up-and-play football games. I might not possess the familiarity of [...]
Sol Cresta Release Date
What do you do if you’re a fan of arcade-style scrolling shooters and looking for what fun PlatinumGames has in store for us next? Why you buy Sol Cresta [...]
Halo Infinite Release Date & Opening Night
Gamescom 2021 kicked off yesterday, and while the opening night presentation was did not set the world alight it might be worth your time. But just to give [...]