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Is Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Coming Back?
It’s news that would be music to a lot of ears, but is Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 making a comeback? The answer is;___we don’t know. The news comes from [...]
New Street Fighter Character Luke
If you didn’t read the summary of Street Fighter V’s summer update then you can take the chance to look at all new character Luke in his announcement [...]
Akira, Oro & Luke: Street Fighter V
Capcom has had another update for Street Fighter V, and this time it gave us an explanation and demonstration of the next characters coming to the game, [...]
The Next Street Fighter 5 Update
You’ll only need to wait a little while longer to hear more about the next characters coming to Capcom’s popular brawler, SFV. The tarot reading Rose was [...]
Tekken X Street Fighter Is Not Dead But Paused
When Street Fighter X Tekken came out (back in 2012) it wasn’t as well received as Capcom would have hoped, but there was still hop for the cross-over with [...]
Capcom Arcade Stadium Is Coming To PS4, Xbox One & Steam
The filled-to-the-brim arcade compilation, Capcom Arcade Stadium, which has been scratching the arcade itch of Nintendo Switch fans is making the move to [...]
Street Fighter 5 Update
Capcom gave us some news on the next characters coming to SFV yesterday in their Spring Update. There was talk about new costumes, new merchandise and new [...]
Street Fighter 5 Spring Update
The SFV spring update will be coming to us on the 6th of April, 2021. The event will cover the next characters coming to SFV, Rose and Oro, and will air [...]
Fighting EX Layer Dashes to Switch?
Arika finally released a new beat ‘em up for home consoles back in 2018, bringing it’s well-loved characters from the ‘EX’ Street Fighter games to new fans [...]
SFV Update In February
Since the delay to the last set of SFV DLC fans have had to wait only knowing that things would pick up again sometime in February, 2021. Well now there is [...]