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Developed by Quintet and published by Enix back in the 90s, ActRaiser managed to steal the hearts of more than a few gamers with its unique blend of action [...]
The Alliance Alive HD Remastered.
Developers FuRyu has confirmed The Alliance Alive HD Remastered will arrive on both the PS4 & Nintendo Switch October & shortly thereafter in both [...]
Dr. Mario World.
Nintendo has confirmed that their next mobile title will see the return of none other than Dr. Mario. Yes, Dr. Mario is back in Dr. Mario World, a game [...]
Turok & Turok 2 Go Physical.
Limited Run Games can be a little hit or miss, in my opinion, however when they hit a home run they really hit one, & with news that both Turok & [...]
Persona 5 Royal E3 Trailer.
Atlus has issued us a brand new trailer for Persona 5 Royal to coincide with e3. The new trailer dropped shortly after Atlus confirmed that they have no [...]
The Legend Of Heroes Trails Of Cold Steel III.
NIS America has confirmed that the latest in the The Legend Of Heroes series, The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel III will finally see release on [...]
Google Stadia full Reveal.
After all the hype Google finally lifted the lid on their new gaming platform, the Google Stadia. So was the announcement worth the wait, will this new [...]
Yooka-Laylee And The Impossible Lair.
While Yooka-Laylee got a lot right in its attempt to capture the magic of platforming classics like Banjo-Kazooie, developers Playtonic would be the first [...]
Destroy All Humans Again.
THQ Nordic has managed to acquire more than a few franchises over the last few years, & it looks like they might be about to dip into that catalogue [...]
Pokémon Sword & Shield Direct.
Game Freak simply couldn’t wait for E3 & so Pokémon Sword & Shield came early with a 15 minute Nintendo Direct. It was certainly an [...]