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Suicide Squad Trailer
If you’re looking to see more from Rocksteady’s (Batman Arkham series) next venture into comic book tie-ins than the good news is Suicide Squad: Kill the [...]
Elden Ring Delayed
People have been waiting for Elden Ring for a while now. The newest game coming out of FromSoftware, that will see the company pull another ‘Souls-like’ [...]
Returnal’s Big Update
Housemarque, the developer of the Rouge-like Returnal, is reported to be working on a new update for the Playstation 5 exclusive. Just what the update will [...]
A Big Playstation Exclusive For Christmas?
During an interview with Irish radio station WLR FM, singer Éabha McMahon (known as AVA for solo work) disclosed that she worked on an Irish language song [...]
GTA Trilogy Confirmed
It has been confirmed. Having previously written about a listing for the game, GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition (consisting of GAT 3, Vice City and San [...]
Sony Acquires Bluepoint
Sony has decided to open their cheque book and purchase a new developer; Bluepoint Games. The studio has become synonymous with high quality remakes of [...]
Playstation Plus Games Revealed?
The next set of games coming to the Playstation Plus service might have been revealed early by a Dealabs users called Billbill-Kun, who successfully [...]
GT7’s Online Requirements To ‘Prevent Cheating’
You can read a new story from Eurogamer here which goes into explaining the reasoning behind Gran Turismo 7’s online requirement for single-player modes. [...]
Gran Turismo 7 Online
The nest game in the Gran Turismo franchise, GT 7, will require an online connection to play the single-player mode, as note by an asterisked point at the [...]
Playstation 5 Showcase: What Was There?
It was the night of Sony’s Playstation showcase, and with all the rumours that popped up in the approach, did the event live up to the hype? If you want to [...]