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All-Star Hotcakes.
With Friday and more importantly the launch of Super Mario 3D All-Stars rapidly approaching, Switch owners the world over are finally gearing up to take a [...]
Google Stadia November Launch
Google has confirmed that their new streaming platform, Google Stadia, will launch this November 19th. Initially the service will only be available to [...]
Mega Drive Mini Delayed.
Sega fans of Europe hoping to pick up the much-anticipated SEGA mega drive mini next month will be disappointed to learn that the classic console has [...]
Nintendo Switch Lite.
After months of speculation, Nintendo has finally confirmed a redesigned Switch is coming. Dedicated to handheld gaming & affordability, the Nintendo [...]
Google Stadia full Reveal.
After all the hype Google finally lifted the lid on their new gaming platform, the Google Stadia. So was the announcement worth the wait, will this new [...]
Contra Anniversary Collection.
With the Castlevania Collection out & about all eyes are now firmly on the Contra Anniversary Collection which Konami has kindly revealed the entirety [...]
The Playdate.
The Nintendo Switch has a surprising rival handheld to contend with, Panic’s Playdate. Resembling one of those little plastic themed handhelds [...]
Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution Dated.
Konami has confirmed that the Nintendo Switch edition of Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution is set for release this August 20th. The game [...]
Intellivision Amico.
While Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo may dominate the games industry as a whole, there are a number of smaller hardware companies emerging, & this [...]