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The Good Life Release Date Announced
The Good Life, the next game from SWERY (Deadly Premonition and Spy Fiction), has a firm release date. Coming on the 15th of October, 2021, The Good Life [...]
Two Free Games
As part of the celebrations for their 10th anniversary (see the 10th anniversary stream here) THQ Nordic has announced that they will be giving away both [...]
Alan Wake Remaster Confirmed
We reported on a retail listing for an unannounced remaster for Remedy’s horror classic Alan Wake. Now the remaster has been confirmed on the fan site [...]
Sociable Soccer Sensibly Coming To Consoles & PC
The Sensible Soccer series is probably the most fun you can find when it comes to pick-up-and-play football games. I might not possess the familiarity of [...]
Sol Cresta Release Date
What do you do if you’re a fan of arcade-style scrolling shooters and looking for what fun PlatinumGames has in store for us next? Why you buy Sol Cresta [...]
Monster Rancher DX Heading West
There have been Pokémon challengers as long as there have been Pocket Monsters, but in the case of Monster Rancher that might not have been the fairest [...]
Zool Redimensioned
If you were interested in games back in the first-half of the 90s, in Great Britain, than you’ll almost certainly remember Zool: Ninja of the Nth [...]
Epic’s Next Free Games
Epic is still doing what they can to bring people to the Epic Games Store, and the thing that they do more than anything else is give away digital game [...]
Kena: Bridge Of Spirits
One of the more interesting games looking to hit next-gen (do they still count as next-gen? It doesn’t really feel like we’re in a new generation of [...]
Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water
If you’re one of the many who missed out on the photogenic horror of Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water then note down the 28th of October, 2021, because [...]