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Metal Slug Tactics & Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Coming To Switch’s
Nintendo presented their indie offerings in the latest direct, and while the event was unremarkable, there were two games that caught Stage-Select’s [...]
Nintendo Indie World Direct Today
If you’re wondering what’s on the Switch’s horizon, but of the independent variety, the good news is that Nintendo will be streaming an Indie World direct [...]
Getsu Fuma Den & Indie World Showcase
Nintendo streamed another Indie World Showcase, which sheds some light on upcoming, smaller titles coming to the Switch. There was plenty on display [...]
Nintendo Indie World (15/12/20)
Nintendo has had another showcase of indie developers and their games coming to the Nintendo Switch. The showcase is only a little over seventeen minutes [...]
Untitled Geese Game
In the recent Nintendo Indie World Direct the closing game was Untitled Goose Game. That might seem a little odd given that UGG has been available for [...]
Nintendo Indie World Showcase
You may have missed it so here’s a link to the ‘Indie World Showcase’ for the Nintendo Switch that was released yesterday. If [...]