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The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2.
We all knew Nintendo was working on a new Legend of Zelda title, the company has operated that way for years, development of new games in the franchise [...]
The Witcher 3 is coming to the Switch.
It’s been rumored for a while now but with e3 has come the confirmation some thought we’d never get, The Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt is coming to the Nintendo [...]
Nintendo E3 2019.
Luigi’s Mansion 3, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Pokémon Sword & Shield, Dragon Quest 11, Animal Crossing, Banjo Kazooie in Smash, Breath of the Wild 2 [...]
PC Engine.
Back in 2005, Konami became a majority shareholder in Hudson Soft, a moderately well-known games developer, with some very well loved titles like Bomberman [...]
Turok & Turok 2 Go Physical.
Limited Run Games can be a little hit or miss, in my opinion, however when they hit a home run they really hit one, & with news that both Turok & [...]
Microsoft kicks off E3 2019.
It was billed as the most ambitious Microsoft e3 conference in years, & while we were certainly treated to a lot of games, Microsoft yet again failed [...]
Ghostwire Tokyo.
Bethesda has revealed that Shinji Mikami & his studio Tango Gameworks are hard at work on a new horror/action game dubbed Ghostwire Tokyo. Little more [...]
Persona 5 Royal E3 Trailer.
Atlus has issued us a brand new trailer for Persona 5 Royal to coincide with e3. The new trailer dropped shortly after Atlus confirmed that they have no [...]
The Legend Of Heroes Trails Of Cold Steel III.
NIS America has confirmed that the latest in the The Legend Of Heroes series, The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel III will finally see release on [...]