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Starfield At The Showcase
Probably the anticipated title to show up at the Xbox showcase was Starfield. The promise of Elder Scrolls in space, or perhaps more accurately No Man’s [...]
New Xbox Showcase
Xbox fans have news to look forward to. On the 12th of June Microsoft will be holding a new Xbox showcase. The showcase will have new trailers, as well as [...]
Double Delays From Bethesda
Publisher Bethesda had to brake the news to Xbox fans that two games, Starfield and Redfall, will both be delayed. The games will be pushed back to 2023.
Discussing Starfield
Starfield developers discuss a little bit about themselves and a bit about Starfield in a new video on Bethesda’s official Youtube channel. You can watch [...]
Ghostwire Tokyo Delayed
Ghostwire Tokyo has had it’s release date pushed back until 2022. The news comes from the official Ghostwire Twitter account, stating that the delay was [...]
Sony Studio Acquisition
There’s been calls from more than a few for Sony to start purchasing development studios to compete with the slew of acquisitions Microsoft have made, the [...]
Microsoft/Bethesda At E3: What Was There?
Microsoft held their E3 event amid high anticipation after the recent acquisition of Bethesda, but how did things pan out? Did the event live up to the [...]
E3 2021 Expectations: XBox.
Microsoft really have it all to do at this year’s E3 don’t they? After all, not only is the XBox manufacturer trying their darnedest to claw back at least [...]
Bethesda Showcase In June
Are you interested in what Bethesda will be working on now that they’re a Microsoft Studio? Well you might get an answer if you tune into the upcoming E3 [...]
Xbox & Bethesda Roundtable
So the Xbox & Bethesda event took place in the form of a ‘roundtable’. It lasted for just over an hour (you can watch the video here), but there wasn’t [...]