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Street Fighter V Champion Edition.
After years of blood, sweat and a few tears Street Fighter V is finally the comprehensive package Street Fighter fans have wanted since the game launched [...]
Last Of Us Part 2 Delayed
It was no so long ago that Sony and Naughty Dog had announced that the Last of us Part 2 was to release in February 2020, but that changed with an [...]
Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition Delayed.
The enhanced ports of Baldur’s Gate 1 & 2, Planescape: Torment and Icewind Dale have been delayed. Originally listed for a September release on [...]
Sony acquires Insomniac
Big news for all the PS4 fans out there; Sony has acquired Insomniac Games. This is big news both for Sony and Insomniac, effectively ensuring all titles [...]
Final Fantasy TV.
Sony Pictures Television, Hivemind and Square Enix have joined forces to bring the world of Final Fantasy XIV to the small screen. The live-action series [...]
Death Stranding Release Date.
The first game from a Konami-less Hideo Kojima, the mysterious PlayStation 4 exclusive Death Stranding, has been given an official release November [...]
Atelier Laiza: The Queen of Eternal Darkness & The Secret Hideout.
The long-running Atelier series is to receive a new instalment later this year dubbed, wait for it, Atelier Laiza: The Queen of Eternal Darkness & The [...]
PlayStation 5 footage Leaks.
While Sony remains frustrating silent when it comes to all things PS5, footage has surfaced showing the system’s load times in [...]
Cloud 9 for Sony & Microsoft.
The landscape of the games industry is changing, & while the all-digital era is still a long way off Microsoft & Sony have decided now is the time [...]
State of Play May.
By now you’ve surely heard all about Sony’s latest State of Play broadcast. The short 12-minute affair pulled no punches & even less filler, dishing [...]