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New Nintendo Direct (26/03/2020)
Nintendo decided to continued their mystifying practice of catching us wrong-footed with a surprise Nintendo Direct. And although they were calling it a [...]
Byleth Smash Bros.
The final character for the first Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters, and its the one from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Byleth, both male and female. More Fire [...]
Nintendo September Direct.
This is becoming a habit, Nintendo holds one of their Direct events & we all leave our monitors asking, how am I going to afford all those games? [...]
The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2.
We all knew Nintendo was working on a new Legend of Zelda title, the company has operated that way for years, development of new games in the franchise [...]
The Witcher 3 is coming to the Switch.
It’s been rumored for a while now but with e3 has come the confirmation some thought we’d never get, The Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt is coming to the Nintendo [...]
Pokémon Sword & Shield Direct.
Game Freak simply couldn’t wait for E3 & so Pokémon Sword & Shield came early with a 15 minute Nintendo Direct. It was certainly an [...]
Nintendo Direct 27/02/19 Pokémon Direct
So you might have missed it, but there was a Nintendo Direct today, a mini Pokémon-centric one. The whole thing was only roughly seven minutes long, but [...]
First Impressions of Daemon X Machina Prototype Missions
The recent Nintendo Direct gave us a good deal of what I thought was really exciting news. Announcements like the new Mario Maker game and Astral Chain [...]
Direct February .
I’m beginning to come around to the notion that Nintendo Directs truly are what you make them. Take for instance last night’s direct [...]
Nintendo Direct – February 13th
Nintendo will be host one of their Direct events tonight at 10pm & you can watch it live right here.